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Chapter Three...

Katara comes downstairs after taking her shower and getting dressed. When she walks into the living she notices that Aang and Kyoshi both fell asleep on the chair. Katara smiles and walks pasts them quickly. She walks over to Toph. "Let me see your camara just for a second." She whispered. "Ok." Toph pulled out her camara and handed it to Katara. Katara walks towards Aang, bends down and takes a picture. Aang woke up and blinked a couple times to see his pregnant girlfriend right infront of them. Katara laughs.

"Good afternoon sleepy head. If you mind, how about you take little Kyoshi upstairs into her crib so we can go to the doctor's." Katara suggested.

Aang laughs a little and carefully stands up and goes up stairs. Katara sat down in his seat. "Ahh... my legs are hurting so badly!" Katara complained as she looked at Toph. By that time, Katara realized that Teo wasn't there.

"By the way, where's Teo?" Katara asked, rubbing her legs.

"He had to go home while you were in the shower."

"Oh. So how long have you 2 been dating?" Katara asked.

"7 months straight."

"Aww... you love him, don't you?" Katara teased.

"A little... and if you tell him I said that, I will hurt you so badly!" Toph blushed and turned her head back to the TV. Aang finally came back downstairs. "I gave Kyoshi back to Sokka and Suki. They went back upstairs, I guess." Aang said. "...They weren't doing anything... were they?" Katara asked, with wide eyes. Aang laughed. "Hahaha no actually him and Suki were yelling at each other until I brought the baby back up there. Then they were fighting about who gets to hold her I just put her back in her crib." Katara laughed. "Well we better get going."

Aang helped Katara out of her seat and helped her get her stuff on. "We'll be back in a little bit Toph. Make sure Sokka and Suki don't kill each other." Toph laughed and Katara closed the door, heading on out to the car.

"They haven't killed each other in the past 2 years, I'm pretty sure they can survive 1 more hour." Toph said to herself while laughing.


Aang and Katara arrive at the doctor's office within 15 minutes. They walked inside and Katara sat down while Aang registered her in for her appointment. "Ah.. yes Katara Watertribe. Her appoinment is in any minute. The doctor will be with you in a minute." Said the nurse. Aang sat down next to Katara and smiled at her. He reached out and started rubbing her stomache. "Hey little fella. It's me, your daddy. I can't wait to see you." Aang said to Katara's stomache. Katara laughed. "Your too cute."

"Well, I just want the baby to recognize my voice. For when he or she comes out. I wanna be a good father." Aang said, then he frowned.

"Aww, Aang. Of course you'll be a good father! I saw you and Kyoshi sleep on the chair and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! I would never see Sokka do that with Kyoshi." Katara said.

"I know it's just... I don't want to be a crappy father or never be there for him/ her. I want the baby to love me and I want to be the best father ever."

Right when she was gonna saying something, Katara's name was called. "We'll talk after the ultersound." Katara said as she got up and was leaded to a room towards the back of the office. Katara layed on the bed with Aang standing right next to her. The ultersound technician put the blue goo stuff onto Katara's stomache. Then she took a white thing, connected to the screen, and rubbed it over Katara's stomache. Then a vision came onto the screen. Aang and Katara got excited. It was there baby!

"Aww!" Katara said as a tear went down her cheek. Her heart was pounding fast. She has never seen anything like this before. She looked over and Aang who's eyes were glued to the screen. He smiled so wildly. He couldn't believe. Katara grabbed his hand. She looked back at the screen to see the beautiful baby on the screen. After about 5 minutes, the technician was done. She washed the goo stuff off Katara's stomache and helped Katara up.

"Would you like to know the sex of the baby?" The ultersound technician asked.

"Yes!" Aang said while Katara said No at the same time.

"Oh come on Katara! Please?" Aang begged.

"No I want it to be a surprised." Katara said.

When they walked out of the room, Katara and Aang were so amazed about what they saw. But right when they were walking out, Zuko and Mai came in.

"Hey Zuko and Mai, what are you guys doing here?" Aang asked.

"Mai's ultersound appointment." Zuko replied.

"Mai's pregnant?! Again?!" Aang asked out of shock.
Warning: The story above may contain moments of kataang, sukka, maiko and teoph shippings. Plus the randomness moments of the anger management foam bat. You are advised to continue reading the story until the very end for the safety of you and the people around you.

Zuko and Mai get spotted at the doctor's office during Katara's ultersound. Enjoy =]

I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender.
I do not plan to sell or make a profit off this series.

Last Chapter: [link]
Next Chapter: [link]

--Spoliers for the Next Chapter-- You find out what happened to Mai's and Zuko's previous baby. Meanwhile, Sokka tries to make Suki happier before something bad happens.
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teamedward4ever1326 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013
Again? How much did Mai get pregnant, Zuko....?
KataangFreakWasHere Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2011
Your story is unrealistic. Aang wouldnt of gotten Katara pregnant unless she was his wife, its just not like him. Plus hes a monk, not only are they banned from sex before marriage, I think they dont do sex at all. BUT...
Your story is cute! LOLz
rodamaster Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
:3 Wait how many times has Mai been pregnant =D?
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Kataang15Love Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Kataang15Love Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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bloodbenderkatara Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008
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maikorox123321 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2008   Writer
i fell asleep with my cousin in my arms :love:

its so sweet!
Kataang4evas Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2008
love it its so sweet. once again aww. i once fell asleep with ma friends todler in ma arms
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